This study is currently being conducted in the US and is for US residents only.
CAUTION: Investigational product. Limited by FDA regulations to investigational use only.
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If sneezing, coughing, laughing or exertion causes you accidental leaks, you are one of millions of women with the same condition.
It’s called Stress Urinary Incontinence, or SUI. Unfortunately, more than 65% of women faced with SUI symptoms have not discussed this condition with their doctors. Why? Because many of them believe that nothing can be done.


A new clinical research study is now enrolling study patients to evaluate whether an investigational product may be safe and effective in treating this condition. And you may be eligible to participate.



This clinical research study is currently being conducted in the US.
Find out if you may be eligible to participate in study of this investigational SUI product. Click the link above to see if you may qualify, or call the study information line at 877-824-2784 to learn more.